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What Goes
 In The Garbage Bins
What Goes in Recycling
Leaf Collection
Yard Waste
Animal Waste
Construction Materials
Bulk Items
Prohibited Items






    Garbage & Recycling    
    The garbage bins or dumpsters are for
City of Hamilton specified household waste.
    What Goes In The Garbage Bins    
    What goes in Blue Box Recycling    
    NEW - Prohibited Blue Box materials    
    Cardboard must be cut into pieces and placed into the bins
Do Not Leave anything on the ground!
    Green Bin Recycling    
    Green Bin recycling is not available at Lawson Park. Food Waste and other items
normally disposed of in "Green" bin containers may be disposed of with
General Waste, in green or white poly bags.
    Yard Waste    
Tree branches, grass, weeds are to be taken to the brush dump at the end Deer Run.

Tree branch pickup at the site is reserved for the Spring and Fall months.
Notify the Office if you have a large quantity tree limbs to be burned.

Leaves, and weed yard waste must be packaged into paper
yard waste bags.
    Bulk Waste    
    All Bulk Waste is to be taken, by the Camper, to their home address
or to the
City of Hamilton
Community Recycling Centre

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    All items considered as Hazardous Materials
by The City of Hamilton
are not to be deposited anywhere at
The Lawson Park Garbage & Recycling Centre

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