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    Campfires at Lawson Park    
  • Campfires must be dead out before retiring for night. Approved firepots must be used and fires should not be left unattended
  • No burning garbage or leaves in fire pots.
  • Small supplies of pre-cut clear, untreated firewood may be brought into the park if stacked neatly on the site. Clean firewood is available For Sale from the Office.
Campfire Enclosures

City of Hamilton By-Law 02-283
  • Recreational campfires must be kept to a maximum size of 0.6m in diameter, must be confined (steel tire rim, bricks, stone) and shall be carried out a minimum of 3m away from buildings and other combustibles;
  • The use of a chiminea or outdoor fireplace is deemed open air burning (only permitted in rural areas);
  • All vegegation around the burn area must be removed to a distance that is equal to twice the height of the burn pile;
  • The fire must be attended to and supervised at all times;
  • All fires must be completely extinguished at the end of each burning day;
  • Equipment capable of extinguishing  the fire is to be on site at all times;
  • Open air burning is not permitted on days declared as Smog Alert/Advisory days;










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