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Extras available in Lawson Park

For residents and recreational campers in the park, there are several extra services that are available should you need them.

  • Gravel (by the yard) delivered to your site
  • Patio stones (up pick up - at front gate) or delivered to your site
  • Firewood - Enquire at the office for the purchase of firewood
    Firewood brought to the campground needs to be free of disease and pests
to avoid the spread of dutch elm, tent caterpillar or other defoliation threats.
  • Sheds (must be approved by the office)
  • Patio enclosures and florida room additions
    (can only be purchased through Lawson Park

    Contractor:    H&H Patio Enclosures 

    - please contact the office for further details)
  • Decks - decks must be approved prior to beginning construction by management.

Should you require a carpenter to build your deck for you, arrangements can be made at the front office to accomodate even the most elaborate of decks. Many decks in the park have be built by Lawson Park staff, please don't hesitate to ask if you'd like to see our work.

  • Picnic tables (only available for some sites - please see office)
  • Phone service (Bell is allowed in to install and setup phone access for campers, but phone service and billing is between campers and Bell- it is NOT billed through Lawson Park)
  • High-speed internet or satellite - again your high speed provider will be allowed in the Park to hook you up and get you setup, but service and billing are between the provider and yourself. Satellite dishes are allowed in the Park.
  • Complimentary WiFi Service - WiFi service is available to Guests and Visitors in the area of the Recreation Hall and on the deck in front of the Office. Service and speed are 'as-is'. The WiFi service is broadband and operates on the B/G/N frequencies, compatible to most devices. The service is 'OPEN' and doesn't require a password. However, bandwidth usage is monitored. Service will be denied to any MAC addresses found to be using excessive service. Streaming is not allowed, as the bandwidth capability in the rural area is limited.
  • Grass cutting - should you not be able to (or not wish to) maintain your site or cut your grass, lawn care services can be provided through or by the Park at reasonable rates- Please inquire at the front office as to your specific requirements.
  • Winterizing - Lawson Park Ltd. no longer provides Winterizing service. Contact the Office to arrange for the winterizing service. Currently, the Winterizing service contractor is Laurie Mead RV Repair. Keys will be required to be left at the Laswon Park Office, which will be used by the Contractor. Cost per unit is $60.00
  • Laundry - coin operated machines are available in the Park laundry facilities, located in the Men's & Ladies washroom/showers opposite 96 Cardinal. A key to the facility must be obtained from the office.
  • Trailer servicing and repair - Lawson Park has arrangements with various service providers who have authorization to enter Lawson Park. Not all repair and maintenance providers are authorized to enter the Park - please inquire at the office if you are concerned about your specific company's entry. Should you not have a service provider, the Park will be happy to recommend one to you.
  • Bulk Propane - Installation of a 123 gal or 420 lb Propane tank may be leased from
    Sparlings Propane. Sparlings will refill the leased tanks at your trailer, in the park.









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