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    Park & Office Hours    
    Park Dates & Hours    
    Six Month Campers    
    10:00 am, April 15th to 4:00 pm, October 15th    
    Five Month Campers    
    10:00 am, May 1st to 4:00 pm, September 30th    
      Sunday 1 pm to 5 pm      
      Monday 1 pm to 5 pm      
      Tuesday 1 pm to 5 pm      
      Wednesday CLOSED      
      Thursday 1 pm to 5 pm      
      Friday 1 pm to 5pm      
      Saturday 1 pm to 5 pm      
    To make an appointment to inspect available sites or,
to view trailers that are listed "For Sale"

Call Susan at: 905-659-3395
    *Times above are subject to showing
Clients around the park grounds
    Guest Hours    
    Campers must meet their guests at the front gate upon their arrival.

If notified, guests may be admitted by the Office
However, Office occupancy cannot be guaranteed.

Guest curfew is 11:00 pm

Inform all guests, trades or visitors of the Park Speed Limits









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