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    The Rules of Lawson Park    
Gate Security

Gate Security - "Key" Cards are designed to allow only one vehicle to enter the Park. There is a 5 minute delay before a card will work again. Season Campers may obtain one key card per paid vehicle. For your convenience, visitor "key" cards may be purchased at the office. They are designed to allow guests to enter the Park between the hours of 9:00 am - 9:00 pm.

Site Space Assignment

One family & one camping unit allowed per site. Maximum two vehicles per site. Season Campers are responsible for maintaining their lot (ie. neat & tidy) Campers cannot rent, lease, or allow any other person(s) to occupy their camping unit without permission from the office.

Quiet Hours
11 pm to 9 am

Please be considerate of your neighbours by lowering voices, TVís and radios after 11:00pm.
Wait until after 9:00 am to mow grass or use loud power tools.

  Amplified Music The playing of amplified music or other audio/visual sources is prohibited at Lawson Park at any time of the day or night.

Private parties utilizing live paid or outside entertainment groups must be approved by Management. Personal instrumental sessions ie. guitar playing, that produce low audio levels are acceptable unless there is a complaint generated.
Children Cannot be left alone, nor with a teenaged sitter overnight in the park. Kids under 18 may not wander about the park after dark. They must be on a site by dark & back on their own site by 11:00 pm  
Guests While there is no charge for day visitors. However, there are fees for use of the pool, & overnight guests. Park residents are responsible for their guestís use of facilities, and registering them as overnight visitors. Visitor curfew is 11:00pm. Inform your guests of office hours or arrange to meet them at the gate if necessary.  
Water Usage We depend on wells for our water supply thus washing vehicles, & watering grass or gardens with sprinklers is prohibited. Brief watering of gardens by hand - held sprayers is permitted. Check with management re. washing camping units.  
Allowable Electrical
Electric kettles, heaters & extra refrigerators are not included in your park fees. Check with the office before bringing or using these appliances . Washers and dryers are not allowed in trailers and must be removed before trailers enter the Park.  
After Hours-If emergency services are called, please send someone to the gate to help emergency vehicle(s) locate your site & notify management ASAP at
905-659-3395 or 905-659-7878.

Also Seee
Emergency Services PageEmergency Services Page
Deliveries to Site or
Service Contractors
Itís best to arrange to meet service workers at the gate if they cannot come during office hours. Keys to trailers will not be given to service workers unless pre-arranged!

  No deliveries on Wednesdays.  
Garbage &
See Garbage & Re-cycling  
Motorized Bikes/
Are prohibited from entering the Park. Un-secured and Un-supervised parking is available at the front gate.  
Sewage Waste The valve on your septic holding tank must be kept in closed position except when dumping. Avoid nasty build-up in your Septic Holding tank by using single ply toilet tissue & use proper "breakdown" biological chemicals.

Please dispose of used kleenex, paper towels, diapers, tampons, etc. in the garbage.
Campfires and
Campfires must be dead out before retiring for night. Approved firepots must be used and fires should not be left unattended

No burning garbage or leaves in fire pots.

Small supplies of pre-cut firewood may be brought into the park if stacked neatly on the site. Clean firewood is available For Sale from the Office.
Pets Dogs are to be under control at all times (tied-up or on leash) and not left to bark or annoy neighbours.

Cats are to be restrained on a leash or confined indoors. Cats are not to be allowed to wander freely.

Campers who do not scoop-up after their pets will be asked to remove their pets from the park.

Visitorís pets are not permitted. Advise your visitors to leave their pets at home.

Rabies, Distemper and Vaccinations.......more information  
Swimming Pool Be sure to read rules posted at the pool. Lifeguards have authority to expel anyone causing problems from the pool area. Our lifeguards are not babysitters.  
Ontario Liquor Law It is legal to consume alcoholic beverages on your own site or while visiting at another site. It is not legal to carry open alcoholic beverages from site-to-site or in the common spaces.

Drunkenness, rowdy behavour or profanity will not be tolerated!
Screened Rooms
All-Season Rooms or
Attached Structures
Permission must be obtained to attach any Add-A-Room, Screened Room, Florida Room, or All-Season room to your recreational vehicle, trailer or park model trailer.

All structures having hard roofs must be obtained from the approved supplier.
Unattached outbuildings
or sheds
Aluminum or vinyl sheds must be approved by Lawson Park Ltd. Size limitations may be in effect.  
Improvements &
Approval by Lawson Park Ltd is necessary for all Lot improvements and/or changes of a permanent nature.

This includes decks, planting or pruning of trees. Maintenance to lots pertaining to trees, shrubs and sod are considered permanent and shall remain the property of Lawson Park Ltd.
Speed Limits
10 km/Hour
Obeying the posted speed limit is important as we have young children on our roads.

Please report offenders to the Park Office. (vehicle license number and description)

Advise your visitors, service persons, and contractors of the park speed limits prior to their arrival. Violators will be banned to the parking lot at the entrance to the park.
Short Stay Vacationers Tourists may be taken overnight as a courtesy, if space permits.

Otherwise, the minimum stay is one week. All rates and fees are payable in advance and are not refundable.

Lawson Park and Lawson Park Ltd assume no responsibility for  
  fire, theft, vandalism, damage to recreational vehicles, cars, persons or pets.
  Fees charged are for the use of the Lawson Family Camping Resort facilities only. Anyone refusing to obey the Park rules will be evicted without refund  









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