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    Control Gates    
    There are automated control gates at the entrance to the park.    
    Campers are issued one or more proximity cards when registering.    
    Do not use your security card to admit persons that you do not know. Refer all unknown visitors to the office. If the office is not open, refer visitors to call the office number at: 905-659-3395    
    Proximity cards will be active from 10:00 am of the day that you are registered to begin camping and will remain active until 4:00 pm of the last day that you are registered to leave the park for the season.    
    If your issued card or cards are mis-placed or lost, notify the office so that they can be deactivated to prevent unauthorized access to the park.    
    Inbound Vehicles    
  • Place the proximity card close to the sensor on the gate pedestal

    If accepted, the inbound gate will activate

  • Proceed through the gate and do not stop until the back of the vehicle is clear of the gate arm. While passing under the gate an intermittent tone may be heard which is an indication that the arm will return to the secure position.

  • Cards may be programmed so that it will not allow re-use for ten minutes.

  • A computerized record is maintained for each card activation.

  • If a card is mis-placed or lost, notify the office so that the card may be deactivated.

  • Cards will only be active for the duration of your camping term.
    Outbound Vehicles    
  • Approach the gate very slowly in case there is a power outage or the ground-sense loops do not detect your vehicle.

  • Do not stop your vehicle under the gate arm as it may timeout and return to the secure position and may strike your vehicle.

Large or High Vehicles / Coaches / 5th Wheel Trailers

  • Occasionally, inbound vehicles or outbound vehicles may not be detected and the security gate will remain in the "up" position. If you encounter this condition, proceed carefully to avoid premature gate closure.
  • Periodically, the gate or gates will be manually positioned in the "up" position to accomodate deliveries, large vehicle transition, or mechanical problems with the detection mechanism.

Power Outage

    Whenever there is a power outage, Glenn Lawson, or one of the maintenance
staff will respond to the front gate to manually raise the gate arm.

Do NOT attempt to force the gate arm to the "UP" position manually
    Personal Safety    
    Personal Accidents in the Park    

Campers are reminded that the campsites, roadways and park areas contain many uneven surfaces. Campers are advised that they should always carry a flashlight when walking after dark, both for 'Personal Safety' and to be seen by other campers and vehicle operators.










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