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    Shirley Doncaster    
    January 25, 2018    
    124 Cardinal    
  Well Shirley Doncaster, you did it your way. 

My aunt passed away yesterday from kidney cancer. She was 72. 
Shirley lived in Florida and Ontario for the last 30 years. Her life and love was working with horses. She came home this past summer and we knew she wasn't well, but she didn't want to go to the doctor. She hadn't been to a doctor in 60 years and wasn't about the start. She went back to Ontario and one evening she was very sick with vertigo and had to go to the ER. After a few tests they discovered she had stage 4 kidney cancer. Shirley moved home and stayed with my mother until a couple of weeks ago. She said she wasn't going to a hospital until she really needed to...that time had come. Yesterday, the palliative care nurses called me to let me know that Shirley's breathing had changed. I got to the hospital 15 minutes after they called and she was gone. I am sure that Shirley heard the nurses calling me and thought there is no way they are coming over hear to sit and watch me, and left before I got there. 

She did it her way...

Shirley didn't want a funeral, wake or even an obituary. She was a very practical person and said those who need to know, will know. 
Shirley told us she had done everything she had wanted to do. She lived her life the way she wanted. She was born and raised in Abercrombie and was part of the Nova Scotia Canada Games softball team when she was a teenager. Her love of horses began when she was a teenager when she bought her first horse and started to show them. Shirley lived in Pictou for several years with Billy Shea. They had their own race horses for many years until they decided to head south and they grew their close-knit horse family. She had a great life.

My aunt was strong, smart and she was a very hard worker. Shirley loved her animals, golf and the Patriots. She shared her love of horses with me. She took me to riding lessons every week and I would go and help her muck out her stalls and groom her horses. She would let me go on the sulky with Billy when he trotted the horses. I was her shadow when I was little. She called me squirt. 

She took me to my ringette games and cheered me on. 
Thanks to Shirley, I will always remember that Grant Devine was premier of Saskatchewan in1984She taught me a lesson on borrowing money and having to pay it back when I was 18 when she lent me money to buy my first car. 

I will remember her always...

Thanks for all the memories

Jodi Vince MacIvor
  Postscript: Lilly has become part of Jodi's sister's family and is doing well.They love her and Shirley gave them her wishes on how to look after her 🙂 thank you for asking about her...she meant a lot to Shirley.  






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