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  about us  
    Welcome to the Lawson Park Family Camping Resort camper's website.

This website is a privately developed, privately owned and funded website
that has been created to provide campers with up-to-date
and changing information about the various activities at the park,
during the camping season.

It was developed to compliment information contained
 on the  Lawson Park Family Camping Resort website.

It will also mirror information that has been posted
 on the various erasable white boards in the park and
 event information signs at the main entrance.

A consolidated Committee calendar of events page is available
by clicking on the "Events Calendar" button in the left column. This
page will also display other limited external
Community Events in the surrounding area.

The Events Calendar page contains
links to the individual event pages for more
detailed information, where available. Committee Chairs are
encouraged to forward event postings and changes
in order to provide campers with
the most current updates.

Individuals are also encouraged to submit information
regarding verifiable events.

Check the website frequently for any
Committee changes to individual events

Also note the Trading Post section that is available
for campers to post items for sale, much like an internal park bulletin board.
Items may range from appliances, furniture, vehicles, RVs, park model trailers, etc.

This site is privately funded by the Web Administrator.

Donations will be greatfully accepted to help with the costs of website hosting.

A printer friendly version (PDF) of the Events Calendar is also available for download



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