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  Bulletin Board  
  Garbage & Blue Box Recycling  
  From: City of Hamilton  
  Effective May 1, 2018 toss Black plastic & Styrofoam products in the garbage  
- plastic coffee cup lids
- styrofoam coffee cups, eat trays, plates & tak-out containers
- black plastic food containers
-black plant pots and trays
  From: Lawson Park  
  All large cardboard packaging must be broken down into the size prescribed by The City of Hamilton for Blue Box disposal.  
  Corrugated cardboard, including pizza boxes with minimal food residue, go in the papers blue box. Flatten cardboard and tie it in bundles no bigger than 76 cm x 76 cm x 20 cm (30 in x 30 in x 8 in).  
  Amplified, Loud Music and Live Entertainment  
  From: Susan Lawson  
  The playing of amplified music or other audio/visual sources is prohibited at Lawson Park at any time of the day or night.

Private parties utilizing live paid or outside entertainment groups must be approved by Management. Personal instrumental sessions ie. guitar playing, that produce low audio levels are acceptable unless there is a complaint generated.
  Bulletin - Off-Road Precautions  

With the already saturated conditions and the forecast of more rain, campers are requested to check their lot prior to driving on it. Already, there are several sites where vehicles have  damaged the grass by driving where the ground is not firm enough. During this period, please park your vehicles where the ground is not as saturated.

  2017 Park Rates & Fees  

At every opportunity I made my concerns known last fall (2016), that I would have to implement a significant increase of our fees in 2017 due to upgrades to our septic system required by the Ministry of The Environment. We don't have a directive from them yet but with the feedback we have received, it's looking more likely this is going to happen and could amount to hundreds of thousands dollars in added expenses over the next few years. On top of this development, end year totals showed last years hydro expenses increased by over 20%!  Changes made by Premier Winn to reduce hydro rates are just a drop in the bucket to that increase.


I have always tried to keep our park rate increases close to the cost of living increases but clearly that won't work for us this year, given the above circumstances. These rate hikes had to be made. I hope our campers will understand.


Given these increases, I felt it unfair to also implement charging for week-end visitors this year. This may still happen next year if campers continue to have these large numbers of weekend visitors.


2017 Park Rates and Fees





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