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Weekly Winners

50/50 Finale
Finale Draw Results
Family Event
Ticket Prices
1 Ticket for $2.00
3 tickets for $5.00
8 tickets for $10.00



50 / 50


Ticket Sellers will visit each trailer
on Saturday mornings
between 10 am and 1 pm.

with advance sale Fifty-Fifty tickets
Additional tickets may also be purchased
on Sunday at 10:30 am, prior to the draw
Every Sunday
DOORS OPEN AT 10:30 am
Complimentary Coffee or tea and Cookies
Support the GREEN initiative. Bring Your Own Coffee Cup
Door Prizes for Adults and Kids and Teens
(each attendee is given a Consolation Prize draw ticket (FREE) at the door)
Weekly 50 / 50 Grand Prize draw
Weekly winners will be posted on the website at:
Weekly Winners
The weekly winning ticket number will also be posted on the White Board
near the pool following the draw.
If the winner of the weekly winning ticket is not present at the
Sunday morning draw, the ticket will
remain "Unclaimed".
An "Unclaimed" ticket will remain unclaimed until it is either "claimed" with the valid
ticket stub redemption  or until the Fifty-Fifty Finale, at which time the ticket number will
be announced for a final time before being redrawn from all of the accumulated ticket stubs,
with the exception of those tickets of previous weekly draw winners.
Be sure to retain your tickets for the Fifty / Fifty Finale




50 / 50 Committee

Sandi P.
47 Cardinal
Chuck W.
47 Cardinal
Saturday Morning
Ticket Seller
click on names
below for ticket route maps
Route 1
Ursula M
518 Big Pine
Route 2
Sandi P
47 Cardinal
Route 3
Sandi P
47 Cardinal



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