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Re: Unauthorized Removal of Property
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    Message from Susan Lawson    
    I would appreciate if there's a camper who noticed someone getting rid of a mattress this past week-end that can email me at:  , ( I will keep this email confidential), so I can contact the person to remove it.

We donít have room in our waste bins, and are not responsible for disposing of camperís broken or unwanted large items such as lawn furniture, bicycles, BBQís, propane tanks, mattresses, or appliances. We are only responsible for camperís recyclable items and household waste such as what one puts in a garbage bag.

Anyone wanting to try to recycle items by giving them away, needs to do so in front of their own site or advertise it on the FACEBOOK Groups page or the Lawson Park Campers Trading Post website, not at our waste area as we frequently get stuck having to dispose these items.

The camper who put the mattress beside the waste bins needs to return, pick it up and get rid of it at a city site for large items. Definitely better for you to do this before I track you down!
    See "Lawson Park Garbage and Recycling - Bulk Waste"    
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    Campers, if you are not receiving periodic emails from Lawson Park Family Campground send an
an email to Susan Lawson and to Lawson Park Campers to be included on the distribution list.
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