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The Trading Post is divided into five sections plus a link to Kijiji - Hamilton.
  •  Items For Sale - will consist of items that you want to sell or trade.

    Example: Computers, tools, indoor and outdoor furniture, appliances, bar-b-ques, etc,

     - No Commercial or Business advertising. Contact Us for advertising opportunities.
     - No Motor Vehicles;

     - No weapons;
     - No illegal items;
     - No offensive or distasteful items;


  • Wanted Items - will consist of items that you are seeking to purchase or trade for
  • Trailers & Coaches . . . . . . . . . and Accessories

     - park models, fifth-wheel, towed, truck-mounted, etc.

    Note: all listings are subject to any rules, fees, or commissions stipulated by the Lawson Park Family Camping Resort.

    - add-a-rooms, decks, etc.
  • HANDY Services - advertisements will by listed for park residents that offer services to other park residents.

    Example - lawn cutting; garbage removal; grocery shopping; hairdressing/barbering; electrical repairs; plumbing repairs; trailer re-modelling; deck installation and repair; landscaping, baby-sitting, etc.
  • Free Recycling - items offered to other park residents that are free for pick-up at your trailer.


  • KIJIJI Hamilton is a link to the Kijiji Hamilton website and has been provided for your convenience.
  • SPONSOR -  contains paid or complimentary advertising. Complimentary advertising is offered to persons, companies or corporations that have provide sponsorship to Lawson Park Campers or Camper's programs at Lawson Park Family Camping Resort

Non-commercial, non business items will be accepted for this site.
Articles will be listed for two weeks or until sold.
Forward a description of the item along with a picture (optional)
to . Include Name, Park Address, email and/or phone number.

The Web Administrator reserves the right
to refuse any listing or item(s) for sale, without reason or explanation.






Small voluntary donations are accepted to defray the cost of the website hosting charges and internet charges.
Items will be listed for a maximum of two (2) weeks of the Posting Date.
Item Asking
$1.00 - $50 $1.00
$50 - $100 $2.00
$100 to $1000 $1.75 per $100
For items exceeding $1000, contact the
Web Administrator
Re-Cycling items - FREE
Services - $10 per season
(business card size).
and/or its Administrator are not responsible for any representation(s) or liability with respect to 'Trading Post' content or items listed, sold, or acquired.

Any advertising claims or content are the responsibility of the advertiser.


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